Our story:

David Sebastian  is the founder of this brand,He built it in 2017,A year after his mother passed away, His mother was the one that started this career but in a such smaller way, She loved details and she knew exactly how to make the perfect piece for every personality, She made one piece from every design only for one lady, Since she knew how women loved to be uniqe she gave them what they all needed, A piece for each one and she used to name the piece after the women’s name, Three years after she started this small career, She had an accident and she lost her sight then not so long after the accident, She passed away.

After she passed away,John found a small notebook in her room describing every little detail in every piece,It’s like a recipes book,He decided to learn everything and each little detail to let his mother’s memory last forever, He tried contacting most of the women his mother made them their product and he took their permission to re-do them for the sake of his mother’s memory.

In the notebook he found s a strange thing, A word written in the end of every page in a very small hand writing, he tried translating it,He searched in many languages but he never understood what this word means,But,He decided to name the brand after this word,’Classysidney’.

About us:

We are Located in Miremont France, Our goal is to provide every women the piece that suits her personality and her mind, Not only a piece that match her outfit, Every piece of ours tells a different story, We want to offer our ladies what they desire without over-prices And we have worldwide shipping!


Our Products:

 We only provide women needs! Our Products are made especially for our beautiful women and non-else, And we Only focus on two things, Watches and Bracelets,We give them all our time and concentration to bring you the most unique pieces you’ll ever want.